Hôtellerie Saint Yves

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A little bit of history...

The Hôtellerie Saint Yves is on the site of a very old Priory, which was founded almost 1,000 years ago. A Chapel dedicated to Saint Stephen was founded there during the end of the 11th Century by Canon Audelard “Dean of Holy Mary” (which is to say of Our Lady of Chartres Cathedral). The Priory of Saint Stephen served as lodging for several members of Clergy and was surely a place where priests could offer hospitality to pilgrims and travelers.

During the 16th Century, Saint Stephen’s Priory served as a refuge for priests when their main Abbey (located outside the city) was badly burned and destroyed during the Wars of Religion.

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Saint Stephen’s Priory, being “too small” and “threatening dilapidation and ruin,” was reconstructed during the second half of the 17th Century and blessed by Bishop Godet des Marais on August 23 1697.

In 1807, the Priory became a Convent for the Sisters of Providence, and then during the 20th Century, it became a large Seminary, where future priests were trained for the Diocese. Although the Seminaries of the region are now regrouped in the city of Orléans, one can still find the vast Library of the former Seminary here.

This almost 1,000 year-old Priory now called l’Hôtellerie Saint Yves pays homage to the great Bishop Yves of Chartres (1090 – 1115). He is remembered for his influence on the Cathedral during the Middle Ages, especially for pilgrimages dedicated to the Virgin Mary and for the “School of Chartres,” which was the center of Christian intellectual education at the time. Its proximity to the cathedral facilitates its ability to welcome pilgrims, travelers and visitors, today just like during the Middle Ages. Everyone is welcome!